What is Oil Pulling, How to do Oil Pulling

Adventures in Oil Pulling – My 21 Day Experiment

An ancient Ayurvedic dental technique known as Gundusha or Kavala, but more commonly known as oil pulling has been getting a lot of attention lately. It’s rumored to have dramatic detoxification benefits and some have made even greater claims. So I wanted to know if twenty minutes of swishing an oil commonly found in my own kitchen could dramatically improve my oral health or if it was a complete myth. It didn’t even take me 21 days to find out…


Put The Cookie Down! Rocket Tuna Bites To Boost Your Health[Recipe]

It’s 12am, your stomach is growling and you just saw a Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix commercial. Or maybe it’s 4pm and you’re looking to stave off your hunger until dinner. It’s tough to fight the “crave” with sweets and treats at every turn so the Rocketman’s got your fix. It’s fast, healthy and tasty enough to satisfy even the most savage of cravings.