The Self Confidence Formula

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The Self-Confidence Formula

self ˈkänfəd(ə)ns/
noun: self-confidence
  1. a feeling of trust and security in yourself and your abilities, qualities, and judgment. (Source)

During college I recall reading in my Psychology 101 book about behavior models and what determines the level of confidence a person has in any given situation. I was always fascinated by the varying levels of confidence people have depending upon the situation they’re in. I wanted to know why someone could have so much self-confidence with one thing but very little in another. What’s the reason for this inconsistency? Why do some people have more confidence than others?

One thing that’s for certain is no one person has 100% self-confidence in every situation they encounter but knowing what gives us confidence at the peak of our performance can definitely help us improve in those areas where we are lacking in confidence.

If only there were some type of formula.

Well there is. Buried in a book I read in May of 2006, The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill, published in 1928, is an amazing five-point confidence formula for unbreakable self-confidence that I have annotated and explain here in everyday language.

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The 5 Ingredients to Self-Confidence

1. Definite Purpose

action, action, action...

If you were to observe the actions and movements of any two people in a company or organization who appear to have just as much knowledge, training and put forth just as much effort where one advances in the organization beyond his peers while the other remains in the middle of the pack you’ll notice something very special.

The one who advances has devout belief in him or herself. He or she will consistently back this belief with dynamic, aggressive action and there will be no question to this level of self-belief by others.

Know your goal, your object of definite purpose,

and demand persistent, aggressive action toward this goal. Have an unquenchable thirst and hunger for it as if it were the air you need to breathe.

2. Dominant Thoughts

it must be all you can think of...

It goes to say that the things you think about over and over and over again – eventually find a way to manifest themselves in your actions and your results.

Your dominant thoughts must be of the person you intend to be and all that encompasses this. Success comes through the integration of your conscious and unconscious brain. Focus and concentrate on who you intend to be daily because…

Your subconscious mind will ALWAYS win over time.

Get clear on the dream and visualize the dream everyday for at least 30 minutes daily.

3. Auto-Suggestion

no, not your smartphone...

The Principle of Auto-Suggestion is the simple concept in which any desire you persistently hold in your mind will eventually find some way to express itself through some realistic and practical way of making itself a reality. Even if it seems impossible, if you hold onto it long and hard enough, it will eventually find a way to enter your life.

In fact, it is widely believed that the more challenging, difficult or seemingly impossible something is – the more influence there will be on the brain’s level of aggression in achieving the result. People are wildly ambitious and greatly inspired by visions of grandiose things.

So set your goals BIG.

Devote 10 minutes daily to the focus of demanding from yourself the aggressive and continuous development required to attain the object of your definite purpose.

4. Write it down

map out your path...

There is definitely power in writing things down or even drawing them out. Many highly successful people have looked back at notes, scribbles and drawings that they long forgot back when they first began their journey to see these writings did indeed become true.

Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus mapped out The Home Depot on a napkin in a coffee shop.

Map out and write down a description of your definite purpose in life for the next 2, 5, 10, 15 and even 20 years. Set a value on how much you will earn on your goods and services for each of these years that you intend to earn and receive through the actions you demand yourself to take.

5. Honest Dealings

not achieving at the expense of someone's loss...

This is where honesty and integrity come into play. If you know you are doing something that benefits all parties involved your confidence level goes through the roof. Every intention and action you take will be with complete confidence knowing that you’re doing right by everyone including yourself.

Success without sustainability is inevitably failure…

This also attracts cooperation of other people and outside forces. People will serve you because you have already taken action to serve them. People will believe in you as they sense your high level of belief in yourself and elevate your level of self-confidence to create a sustainable atmosphere for success.

I will sign my name to this formula for self-confidence and success, and verbally speak it into existence daily with unbending confidence that my actions will progressively become influenced by it and I will attain the object of my definite purpose, the person I intend to be.

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